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Berlin TV Tower

The Berlin TV Tower is one of Berlin’s most famous landmarks, with its outstanding height of 368 metres. But the view of the TV Tower is far less spectacular than what awaits you up at the top. Built in the sixties, the GR government arranged to have the TV Tower to demonstrate the strength and efficiency of the socialist system.

In just 40 seconds, the high-speed elevators take you up to the observation deck at 203 m and to the Bar 203, Berlin´s highest bar. 60 panoramic windows offer an unforgettable 360º over the whole of Berlin. The Sphere revolving restaurant, unique in Berlin, is located 21 steps above the observation deck. Besides the stunning view, the guests are pampered with regional and seasonal dishes. The restaurant can rotate around its axis once to twice per hour.

Nowhere else in Germany has this magnificent view over a city. A must for every visitor in Berlin.

Main activities

  • Berlin TV Tower visit


  • Berlin TV Tower ticket
  • Guided visit by a local guide throughout the tour in English
  • Contents of the itinerary

Not Included

  • Public or private transport
  • Meals/ Accommodation

• Recycling system
• Energy saving system
• Local Food/KM O

Social Capital
• Special meal requirements

Human Capital
• Gender balance rules
• Comfortable and Healthy equipment
• Employment for local people